Spiritual Formation

Learning to let “The Peace of God Rule in our hearts”.  Colossians  3:15. This takes practice and encouragement. Learning that the inner life cultivated in Christ has amazing impact on our entire existence. Prayer, solitude, reflection, retreat, meditation on God’s Word and God’s creation, are just some of the practices we are encouraging in ourselves and others. This is a key to growth in our community.

Intentional Relationships.

Asking ourselves these two vital questions, “Who I am influencing?’ and, “Who is influencing me? “.  These are critical if we are to  be people who understand what Jesus spoke of in Matt 28:18, concerning making disciples.  Life is about building healthy relationships. As the people of God this aspect of our lives in to be intentional, prayed for and pursued. So often we see these things as random, but commitment and follow through and intentionality are the things that build strong communities.  Relationships be they family, neighbors , work place or church place are all important to our us and to our God.

Knowing God’s presence in our daily lives.

Going to church is hard to do when we realize we are the church and we are called to be that wherever we are.  It is no accident that you know the people you know. We all have unique connections as we live our daily lives and God wants us to realize that these connections are important to Him. Our work is important to Him. In the Vineyard we ask the question, “What is the Father doing right here right now?” and “How can we join the Father in what he is doing as we go about our daily lives?” Both our jobs and our circumstances open many doors for us every day We never bring God into these places, because he is already there and is already working, we just need to become aware of that and join him in whatever that is. This is a big reason why we named ourselves the Without Walls Vineyard Church.

Dependence on the Holy Spirit

Finally and most importantly is realizing that all of the things I have written here are beyond our human ability So we need to press into more of the supernatural power available to us that comes as a free gift of the Holy Spirit. We have not because we ask not. We think relying of the Power of God  to do the stuff through us is a real need in our community. Ordinary people who believe and demonstrate a belief in an extraordinary God.  We are called to be conduits of the transformative, resurrection power of the Kingdom. Our desire to move in faith and trust God for the results.This is the key to seeing growth among us. Learning to minister like Jesus; now that would shake things up wouldn’t it!