Removing barriers and building onramps for people into God’s love

It’s from this mission we derive our name, “Without Walls.” We want to be hosts for God’s love everywhere we go, offering spaces and ourselves as places of encounter with God’s loving presence. We believe that the ultimate end of a human life is to experience the love of God. We spend a lot of time seeking experiences of God’s love in order to be free to join Him with our truest selves in serving and loving the world.

What does this look like?

As a church we are always encouraging whatever leads to a deepening of God’s life in us. You’ll find that we prioritize these kinds of practices and experiences. We are less concerned with black and white litmus tests of faith or transformation. You’ll hear us encouraging a creativity around prayer and emphasizing the importance of looking at our desires. In our services, the invitation is always to an honest encounter with the living God, especially in the gift of his Son. There is a clash of kingdoms happening all the time – fighting over the right to our hearts. We are formed by the time and culture and systems we are born into. We have all been enslaved by it. And God is always at work transforming us by way of both the mundane and the transcendent. He is freeing us to live in the shape He envisioned for us before we were born.

So we make space for the power and love of God to reveal itself right now in our midst. We make space in our services for that and call for it and watch for it in our lives. We also lean into contemplative practices that prioritize silence and inner examination – creating space to watch God love us, and to attach to him securely like a child to its parent. Our invitations to activities reflect these types of encounters. We gather for worship and prayer with/for one another – expecting God’s spirit to imbue our words and actions with his power to encourage and heal. And we encourage contemplative noticing of all types. You’ll often hear us suggesting this or that spiritual practice and encouraging meeting together to process our experience.

Simply put, we don’t believe we can change the world without first changing our hearts. Any healing engagement we can join in the communities around us centers on this kind of encounter with God’s love.