This is our story, the Without Walls Vineyard Church Story…. Well, these would be the chapters in our story…oh, to go into details on each topic mentioned here, our experiences and learning through the years, our successes and failures along the way, but through it all we are so grateful for the Living God working in and through us… I guess it would be more like a book really!!

We are a global citizen’s church.
Ross and Barb our pastors met in Singapore and got married in Hong Kong, and have lived in  three different continents in their 28 year of marriage. Our church believes that we are raising our children and our adults to be part of the global experience. Therefore being called to the nations is strongly experienced in our church.

We are a barrier-removing church.
Spiritual formation is so important, removing the things in our lives that hinder our spiritual growth. This takes time and dedication as we seek to be a peace-loving, worshipping church. Spiritual practices are taught and encouraged. Responding to the presence of the spirit in all our gatherings is the desire of our hearts.

We are a bridge building church.
We are called to be the church wherever the Lord has planted us. We want people to know that Jesus truly is attracted to the unpretentious, the real and honest people who long to be set free and connected to Him. All people are truly loved by God and are wanted by him to enter into His Kingdom, there are no exceptions, and we seek to join Him in extending  that invitation to all people.

We are a missional church.
In reality there are only two kingdoms on the earth, and we belong to the Kingdom of Light. Where there is darkness we pray and believe that God’s presence can pierce that darkness, with awesome Love and Power. So whether it be in the streets of Holland Michigan or around the world we are people  who are mobilized to be and to proclaim the good news.

We are called to practice radical hospitality.
Loving people who are totally different from us. Building relationships with people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs. To get beyond good intentions and to become  committed to building friendships that represent the multi-facetted dimensions of the Creator and His Kingdom.

We are a Community of Hope.
He is the hope and we believe that the church, together with visionaries who are called to be involved in enterprises outside the church,  along with the youth and children who are passionate about life, : these  all working together  create transformational Kingdom impacts. We are intentional about building relational connections between the local church, enterprise and young people for the Glory of God and the Advancement of His Kingdom.