Local Missions

At Without Walls we believe that everyone has a part to play in building God’s Kingdom. We have each been given a mission field right where God has placed us in our everyday lives – school, home, work, and beyond. Our hope is that each one of us is empowered, encouraged, and equipped to show the love of Christ every day to the people we interact with. In addition to our everyday mission, we have partnered with three local organizations to intentionally engage our community through the great work God has already begun.

Kids Hope
Through Kids Hope, mentors meet one on one with a high-risk student for one hour every week during the school year. We have an amazing opportunity to show Christ’s love by showing up consistently and being present for a child in whatever circumstances they may find themselves. Our partnership with Kids Hope is especially meaningful because we are partnered with Innocademy, the school in which we meet weekly. Read more about Kids Hope.

Lakeshore Pregnancy Center
Lakeshore Pregnancy Center is an organization that comes alongside individuals who have an unplanned pregnancy. Without Walls has been blessed to support the Lakeshore Pregnancy Center through various volunteer opportunities and fundraising events. We have also engaged in their community and church training to equip our members to be able to support women and men considering abortion, or who have experienced an abortion. Follow the link If you would like to read more about Lakeshore Pregnancy Center.

Community Action House
Through Community Action House we are able to effectively engage our community through programs such as food drives, the community kitchen, financial counselling, and more. God has called us to support those in our community who society has forgotten – to show them that God has not forgotten them and that He loves them. Through partnering with Community Action House we are able to show our neighbors the love of God in tangible ways. To learn more about the great work being done at Community Action House, click on their name.