What is two’s and Three’s?
A Two’s and Three’s group is an informal gathering of 2-3 people who have personally invited each other into relationship and expressed desire to grow in many ways. A group can be started simply by approaching another person and asking them if they want to join with you on this journey. (Girls meet with girls and guys with guys) These groups are for everyone! No matter where you are in life. The goal in these groups is to build strong relationships with each other and with God by meeting together regularly, ideally once a week. You can meet in a restaurant, coffee shop, someone’s home or even on a boat! The place and time are up to you. A Two’s & Three’s group encourages relationships that are real and safe. They are a place where our weaknesses and strengths can be understood. Where we are challenged, but still accepted no matter what!! Where we are helping each other grow into maturity and closer to God.

What do you do in a Two’s and Three’s?

Know God
Every week the group agrees on Bible reading for the next week. When you meet you reflect and share what the scriptures spoke to you. Suggested reading amount: 6-12 chapters total. Read 3 chapters 4 times OR 12 different chapters. It’s up to you and your group. Reading a few chapters a couple times is often more beneficial than reading large amounts without retention. Make it do-able. Then keep each other accountable to read the agreed scriptures. Many times we have good intentions, but for lots of reasons we can neglect to read them. So if 
one person does not complete the reading for a week, everyone should repeat the reading until everyone is caught up. The Bible reading is to encourage one another and discover more of who God is.

Be Known
At the weekly meeting, we are to be challenged, be free to be ourselves and have fun with each other. To share even the stuff we’re not so proud of. This time is to explore those challenges and ask for accountability in them. There are some suggested questions here to help you and are meant to assist you and go deep with each other.
To help you in your everyday struggles. To allow honesty without condemnation. To help you get through your struggle and not to feel bad about having those struggles.

What is shared in your group, stays in your group!!
Trust and confidentiality are key.

How to get involved in a Two’s and Three’s?
You are ready to get started if:
1. You have a desire to be known and get to know others.
2. You long to have a closer relationship with God and help other do the same.
3. You have a Bible.
4. You have about one hour a week and a convenient place to meet.
5. 1-2 other friends to get started.