Ross Naylor-Tatterson – Pastor Emeritus

I grew up in a little country mining town in the Southeastern part of Australia. My family is still there. My mum was a cook in the local hospital and my dad was a butcher. My dad became a Christian in a “pub” one Saturday night the year before I was born. A Salvation Army officer was selling their magazine and sharing the way into the Kingdom of God; my dad was listening and turned his life over to Christ. My earliest memories are of the brass band playing at the Sunday gatherings at the Salvation Army. I was dedicated to the Lord right from the start.

I was a pretty “cheeky”, naughty little boy, loved to play practical jokes on my sisters and somehow they often backfired just ask me some time about the “sheep’s eyeballs!” By the time I was a teenager, I was unsure if God was real and it was through a few kids that I had considered my enemies that I actually came back to the Lord. Both had life transforming experiences with Christ and they managed to really show me how real God was by the changes that I saw in them.

It was the 70’s and I basically became a “Jesus freak”, complete with guitar, afro, love beads, and a passion for God. We did street evangelism, coffee house ministry, and prepared our hearts to see the Lord’s return. It was during that time that I got involved with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) and went to New Zealand to do a Discipleship Training School (DTS). That 6-month course turned into 10 years! I saw things, learned things and experienced things that ruined me for the ordinary.

I learned about the Father Heart of God, Hearing His voice, God’s Heart for the Nations, Intimacy in worship, the power of humility, repentance-the way to a joy filled life, principles of leadership and so much more. I found myself in New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, all of the Asia and Pacific regions, as well as parts of Europe. I think that I became a global Christian through all of my experiences.

I met Barbara at the Singapore airport! She was also in YWAM; she had been working in Vietnamese refugee camps in Hong Kong. I knew from the moment I saw her that she was special. We married in Hong Kong and had our first daughter there. In 1988 we moved to Perth, Western Australia, where I continued my education and there met up with a Vineyard Church. I eventually became the Children’s ministry pastor in a large Vineyard Church, I served there for about 8 years. We added 4 more children to our own personal children’s ministry during those years too!

Coming to the United States is a long story, but it was definitely a door that the Lord opened up. I came here to be the Executive Pastor of Lakeshore Vineyard in Holland, Michigan. I served there for about 5 years before launching out to plant a new church on the north side of Holland. This church is now Without Walls Vineyard Church in Zeeland Michigan.

Our desire is to form a contemplative charismatic community that knows how to remove barriers and build on ramps into being with God. We have four pillars that our local community seeks to make disciples around:

  1. Cultivating your inner life with God.
  2. Cultivating intentional relationships.
  3. Pursuing God in our daily lives.
  4. Understanding our total need to be empowered by the Holy Spirit.

In additional to being the Senior Pastor of this local church, I also serve at the Asian Regional Co-ordinator for USA Vineyard Missions, in which I help develop and strengthen indigenously led, self-sustainable, church planting movements in the nations of Asia. Currently we have 10 USA Partnerships of churches operating in Asia.

For many years I have been a bi-vocational Pastor and I have worked primarily in the manufacturing sector involved in human resource management and also as an executive coach. I have two coaching certifications – one with a church organization, Logan Leadership and the other as a coach with GiANT, a large coaching network operating around the world. I love to coach leaders who really care about having a positive and life-giving impact on those that they are serving. I have a small and growing coaching and consulting business called Enlive Leaders.
I love cooking, playing guitar, being with our large and growing family of five children, their spouses and our 8 grandchildren. I enjoy watching old movies and the history channel. My all time favorite movie is Les Miserables.

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